Every proposal created by RB Consulting has four stages. Define, Design, Develop, and Deploy. Each stage has its own distinct purpose, yet they all work together in unison to promote your offering to your target audience at the lowest risk with the highest profits and predictable returns.

The Define stage is where the offering is defined and the target audience is identified along with any competition. The Design stage is where the overall blueprint of how to execute the campaign is outlined in detail. Changes to the blueprint are rarely made after the Design stage as it could negatively effect the timeline and budget.

The Develop stage is where the keyboards click and the trackpads get slick. It's where ideas are turned into reality as authors write, designers create, and programmers put it all into 1's and 0's for the World see. Last but not least, The Deploy stage is where the completed campaign is launched and presented to the client.

Begin the process of creating your proposal for your digital marketing campaign today. The team assigned to your campaign are experts in the trades needed to execute the campaign within the timeline and budget calculated from the strategies you choose to promote your offering to your target audience. #RBConsulting


There is a long list of strategies available to display your products and services in the best light to increase the likelihood of a sale. This can be bad because failing to find the strategy that frequently presents your offering to your target audience can be a costly mistake.

Digital marketing has proven to be a very profitable journey for those who have successfully translated its coded secrets and discovered its fabled treasures. If you are looking to do the same, choose RB Consulting to be your guide, and use their tailored strategies to unearth your entombed cache of marketing gold.

Contact RB Consulting today to schedule your free consultation. Once we have clear understanding of your offering and your target audience, we will present you with a focussed list of tailored strategies that we will use to promote your offerings with the greatest results. #RBConsulting


The goal of RB Consulting is to design and develop digital marketing campaigns that are deployed efficiently and operated confidently with automation and accuracy. All campaigns are designed, developed, and optimized to run profitably on popular advertising platforms that have proven to consistently generate leads and sales.

The three main ingredients to a lucrative campaign are the offering, the strategy, and the proposal. In layman's terms, the offering is the product or service being promoted, the strategy is the means by which the offering is being promoted, and the proposal is the team, timeline, and budget necessary to execute the promotion successfully.

After the initial review of your offering, RB Consulting will provide you with a collection of strategies to reach your target audience and generate the most conversions for your campaign. Once the most effective strategies are chosen, a team of specialists will be assembled to build a proposal that will best serve your timeline and budget.

In this manner, RB Consulting will be able to implement the most effective strategy with the most efficient proposal to generate the highest return possible on the offering you are promoting. Contact RB Consulting today and begin building a campaign to help you grow your business and increase your online sales. #RBConsulting

RB Consulting

RB Consulting was founded to be an effective digital marketing solution that helps organizations confidently grow their brand, intelligently increase their profits, and reliably raise the value of their online investments and digital assets.

There are numerous marketing agencies out there that only work for corporations with unlimited advertising resources. However, there are a small amount of firms like RB Consulting that exist to to help their clients be resourceful and responsible with their budget and enable their businesses to succeed and prosper.

Contact RB Consulting today if you are interested in learning how they can help you improve your marketing results and grow your business. They have managed numerous profitable digital marketing campaigns and maintain a long list of satisfied clients as a result. #RBConsulting

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